People's App to know where people are

Avaliable for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone


iSpacco, identifies and acknowledges the "clusters" of people in complete discretion and confidentiality, respecting privacy laws making you see, with the "placeholder" colored, how many "units" are in a place on the map of your city and in all parts of the world, with continuous updates on positions without reducing the life of your battery!


Card with picture profile, choosing a nickname and a flag to not show the photos in chat.


Card (toplist) are shown where the most crowded places in the vicinity of your location.


Map with all concentrations of people and compared to the number of units, will be colored in a different way.


Leave a comment. Will be shown to all the message, your nick and the image if you want.


Select the privacy options, geolocation or upgrade manual of your position

The choice is yours!

You know where there is not and there are people, a cinema, a beach, a nightclub at a restaurant! Then it's up to you to choose! if aggregarvi or avoid!

Why iSpacco?

"Imagine an application that tells you just how many people there are in a particular place ..." Useful, no ??
iSpacco is a new application that will improve your life, you will save on your travels, will help you optimize your time and to be informed, in any part of the world you are, where you find people. You can use it for "aggregation" reaching people in the place where they are concentrated or "subtraction" avoiding the people themselves.

Toss iSpacco, wait a few seconds ... and against your position, you will see what is going on around you! When 10 units will meet in the range of established, a "placeholder" colored appear on your map! If the number of people increase, every 25 units, that's the placeholder will be colored with a different color and so on! Inside the "placeholder" you can read the number of units.


FREE download application for your device, iPhone, Android or Windows Phone and..go!

Anonymous chat

Well, I do not want to leave a comment? Not only that, you can do it in a completely anonymous, scegliendovi a Nickname and hide your profile picture! You have reached friends in a nightclub? Are you having fun? The graphics card of Chat-up menus, you can do all of this in a jiffy!



We thank our partners who are participating in the project's success!

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